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Importance Of Having An AED

Importance Of Having An AED

When a person collapsed and became unconscious even if you’re already shouting at or shaking him, that person is in a state of sudden cardiac arrest for sure. A person experiences sudden cardiac arrest because the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, resulting in a lack of blood supply to the vital organs including the brain. A patient suffering from cardiac arrest is typically given first aid by cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). There are occasions, though, when the first aider is drained, and the patient does not recover. If this occurs, then a specialized emergency medical device called an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is used.

What is an external automatic defibrillator, and how does it help restore normal heart beat? Okay, AED is a specialized medical tool that helps to get the heart’s output back into contract. The said equipment is battery-operated, very user-friendly and very compact. Even if the user or operator has not undergoed first aid training, he or she can help save somebody’s life by using such emergency medical devices. A typical automatic external defibrillator has sticky pads equipped with sensors called electrodes which relay heart rhythm information to a computer in the AED. Once the machine receives the details, it will perform an immediate analysis to determine whether the victim needs a life-saving electric shock. If yes, then the aed will use voice prompts that will guide the operator to send the shock, and the electrodes will deliver this. Using an AED to shock the heart within minutes of the moment when sudden cardiac arrest occurs will help make the heart beat again.

Now, AED is known just as a medical device for hospitals. But as sudden cardiac arrest is becoming a leading cause of death worldwide, this compact and user-friendly medical device is now one of the main home medical devices. Using this emergency equipment at home lets one save a family member’s life in the condition of sudden heart arrest. The American Heart Association / American Stroke Association also acknowledges the great advantages of portable defibrillator, which is why the association strongly supports the Josh Miller HEARTS Act (S. 1197/H.R. 1380), which requires large-scale personnel, teachers and students from different schools to receive adequate training while equipping their community with necessary medical resources.

With the great advantages that portable medical devices such as AED can provide in emergency situations, many of the sales stores for home and hospital medical equipment now include them in their product list. Thus the said medical device can be easily obtained by individuals.