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Nail Salon Equipments

Nail Salon Equipments

A lot of women go to the nail salons for pedicures, manicures and other facilities no less than once a month. All the women actually go to the nail salons to look good.

A pedicurist, nail technician, and manicurist offer a variety of services such as nail forming and cleaning to make a more pleasing lip, pressing and softening cuticles and applying nail polish to them. There are also great ranges of nail salon products, few of which are: nail dryers, pedicure and manicure accessories, manicure tables, foot bath and pedicure stools, body and spa equipment, etc. Products used in nail salons is different from salons providing hair styling services only. The materials needed are somewhat costly, depending on the brands and the items owners need.

The basic equipment required to start a nail salon company is listed below:

Manicure Table: This is the most common equipment that is used by almost all nail salons if not all. It’s like a desk enabling the nail technicians to work on a steady and wide surface. Manicure tables are typically fitted with drawers for storage, swivel casters and a hand rest. nail salon┬áhas some nice tips on this.

High-end manicure tables have additional features including integrated electrical sockets, polished shelves, and vents. For quick cleaning and longevity traditional manicure tables are made of wood laminate. The price of such traditional table manicure ranges from US$ 100 to US$ 1000. Prices rely of course on the features offered and on the materials used.

-Nail Dryer: Typically used to dry the nails and typically placed on top of the manicure table to allow customers to dry the nails.

-Padded Chair: This equipment is required for pedicure spas, where customers sit and relax while the nail technicians do their work. Some padded chairs also provide massages with rolling back. It is connected to a foot salon, where customers can wash their feet before being handled with their toes. Foot spas provide massages for the entire feet and lower legs. These traditional padded chairs are easily available and cost between US$ 3000 and US$ 4000.

-Technicians Stool: This is a small stool that allows nail technicians the opportunity to get a better angle to the customers while doing nail treatments.

-Hot Towel Warmer: This machine pampers customers because of this warm towel and keeps them dry. It is commonly used for the facial and body facilities. As for the dimensions, it has a width of 13 inches, depth of inches and height of 10 inches.

-Set of Beauty Equipment: This pack of beauty equipment includes a shaver, a nail polisher, a trimmer, a mirror, an eyelash curler and light tweezers. This equipment also contains a color box, and is 22 X 13.1 X 6.9 centimeters in size.